95% of our staff have weight loss transformations themselves – now we want to help you on your health journey!


Kishan Shah – CEO

Bobbi Kral – Chicago Health Coach

  • Bobbi lost 145 pounds and has gained a passion for nutrition and fitness.
  • She is a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Sports Injury Specialist through NESTA.
  • bkral@downsizefitness.com


Michael Cooney – Chicago Trainer

  • After high school Mike was determined to alter his lifestyle and was able to lose 65 pounds. During this time he gained a deep passion to help people find the same success that he did
  • Mike received a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Physiology, and was accredited by the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers
  • mcooney@downsizefitness.com

Marge Lyse – Naperville Trainer

  • Marge lost 218 pounds and joined Downsize Fitness from The Biggest Loser resort.  She inspires Downsize Fitness Naperville members everyday with her unique blend of health advice using her own personal weight loss transformation.
  • Marge is now paying it forward – through her own weight loss, Marge’s fitness classes and nutritional support groups are helping our Downsize Naperville members to forgo will-power, and instead focus on “want-power”.
  • mlyse@downsizefitness.com
Marge Extreme Weight Loss


Jillian McAfee – Naperville General Manager

  • Jillian leads the Naperville facility after successfully mentoring dozens of Downsize Fitness Chicago members and has had the privilege of seeing how Downsize’s unique support community can change clients’ lives.
  • Previously, Jillian managed the fitness department at Indiana University Health Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss clinic.
  • jmcafee@downsizefitness.com

Carrie Eastwood – Dallas Co-General Manager

  • Carrie is a loyal Downsize Fitness member-turned-trainer.  She lost 100 pounds at Downsize and is now helping others on their weight loss goals!
  • ceastwood@downsizefitness.com


Krisanne Hale – Dallas Co-General Manager

  • Krisanne is a walking model of what Downsize Fitness aims to achieve. Since August 2011 she has lost 140 pounds through healthy eating habits and regular exercise.
  • khale@downsizefitness.com

Nicole – Dallas Trainer

  • After Hurricane Katrina forced her to re-locate to Dallas, Texas, Nicole decided it was time for a healthier lifestyle. She joined Downsize Dallas and has lost over 80 pounds. Nicole is now a personal trainer with Downsize Dallas and uses her newfound fitness and nutrition passion to help clients with their weight loss goals!.


Emily English – Forth Worth Manager

  • When Emily decided she no longer wanted to teach middle and high school, she began to take better care of herself, physically and emotionally. By implementing small changes, she lost 60 lbs, completed a sprint triathlon, and gained a sense of self-esteem that seemed elusive when she was chronically overweight.  Downsize Fitness allows Emily to help individuals achieve healthier lifestyles through simple, everyday changes!
  • In addition to earning a Master’s of Public Health focused on Exercise, Obesity & Southern Culture, Emily holds group fitness, personal training, yoga, zumba and additional fitness certifications. Helping other people live longer and stronger makes her happy.
  • eenglish@downsizefitness.com

Martin Charron – Orleans Ottawa General Manager

  • Martin has lost over 100 pounds and has inspired his friends and family on their own weight loss transformations.
  • Martin was excited by the concept of people who has lost weight helping others on their current weight loss success stories.
  • martin@downsizefitness.com

Brie Extreme Weight Loss

Brianne Angus-Charron – Orleans Ottawa Health Coach

  • Brianne (Brie) has lost over 150 pounds and wants to help others on their own weight loss transformations.
  • She has multiple fitness certifications and most recently trained clients at the YMCA
  • brianne@downsizefitness.com

Nicholas Desjardins – Orleans Ottawa Health Coach

  • Nick has been training clients at different gyms and is now ready to help the Orleans Ottawa community on their weight loss goals
  • nicholas@downsizefitness.com

Grover Before After

Grover Daly – Vice President of Downsize Fitness Texas, Downsize Fitness Houston Partner 

  • Grover has lost over 100 pounds and is now leading the charge to get Texas communities happier and healthier.
  • Grover joins Downsize Fitness after a successful career as an executive and helicopter pilot.
  • grover@downsizefitness.com


Our sister charity, Downsize4Life, will empower children to lose 10,000 pounds by 2015! Our Founder, Francis Wisniewski, walked 300 miles in a month to raise $100,000 for Downsize4Life:



Francis Wisniewski, Downsize Fitness and Downsize4Life Founder

  • Francis started Downsize after realizing most Americans don’t visit gyms for fear of ridicule and embarrassment. He’s personally lost 60 pounds himself and started our sister charity Downsize4Life
  • Downsize4Life transforms the lives of overweight teens and their families through utilizing Downsize Fitness’ gym facilities, trainers, online classes and support networks to fight childhood obesity
  • Downsize recognizes the social discrimination and marginalization that overweight youth experience
    • Over the past 30 years childhood obesity in the United States has more than tripled
    • Many overweight youth are subjected to bullying and are isolated from society
    • Childhood obesity is associated with increased risk for many life-threatening chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and osteoarthritis, as well as several types of cancer

Shannon Downey, Downsize4Life Executive Director

  • Shannon has a passion for launching new and innovative ventures that help make the world a better place.
  • Before joining Downsize4Life, Shannon founded Pivotal Production, a boutique marketing firm leading the way in digital and experiential marketing working with major corporations, agencies and nonprofits alike to launch new products, brands and causes.
    • Her company was one of the first Certified B Corporations in Illinois and was named one of the Top 10 Small but Mighty B Corporations in the world two years running.
    • Shannon brought TEDx to Chicago as the Executive Director of TEDxWindyCity and is adjunct faculty at DePaul University.
    • She is a former Teach for America Corps Member, co-founder of Grant for Good, certified social justice mediator, world traveler, Tough Mudder orange headband holder and aspiring ukulele player.


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